Benefits of Kubota Utility Vehicles

Posted By: Mike Kunert
Post Date: 06/30/2020

Small, tough, and speedy, a Kubota utility vehicle can tear through the harsh Wisconsin snows, carve through the wild wilderness, and help you tame any unforgiving terrain. It’s the perfect partner to have when you’ve got a job to do outdoors or when you’re getting ready for a weekend adventure. However, with a price tag significantly higher than their sportier ATV sibling, you might be wondering if you really need a Kubota UTV. Find out what each has to offer to learn which is right for you or your business.

What's the Difference Between ATV vs. UTV?

It’s important to consider the differences between an ATV vs. UTV before making a purchase. An all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is a small, three or four-wheeled vehicle designed for off-road usage. ATVs are stout and powerful vehicles that can navigate across terrain that would otherwise be inaccessible. They have space for a single driver and potentially a passenger and may be used for hauling light loads or for transportation across a large property. These robust vehicles typically cost anywhere in the mid to upper thousands of dollars range, but have a limited range of uses for work situations.

A utility vehicle (UTV) is much like a car and typically has space for two or three riders, including the driver. Like ATVs, UTVs are similarly built for off-road performance and have powerful engines and stubby, ridged wheels perfect for gripping rocky, sandy, or watery terrain. UTVs are larger than ATVs and can haul much larger loads, making them excellent working vehicles. However, they are typically several thousands of dollars more expensive than ATVs, making it important to budget for one.

Each Kubota utility vehicle is designated as an RTV (rough-terrain vehicle) to emphasize the conditions for which they are built. One look at their benefits is enough to see how they earned their reputation for ruggedness and reliability. 

Kubota UTV Benefits


Famed for their value and reliability, Kubota UTVs are powerful workhorses that offer substantial power in a small package. Unlike many other UTVs, which are similar to golf carts, Kubota RTVs integrate tractor technology into a lighter vehicle to give users the power and nimbleness they need. Kubota has dominated the diesel UTV space for a decade and is a top-seller for gasoline UTVs, meaning buyers will be entering an extensive support ecosystem. Kubota buyers can also rest easy knowing that sourcing parts or scheduling repairs won’t be difficult, due to there being more than 1,100 authorized Kubota dealers across the United States offering warranty assistance.

Check out what a Kubota utility vehicle offers to get a sense if one will be right for you or your business.

All-purpose Usage

Kubota UTVs are built to operate year-round on harsh terrain, making them the perfect sidekick for anyone who works or plays outdoors. Whether you’re farming, hunting, hauling, dumping, or just trying to get around on your land, a Kubota utility vehicle could be just what you need to get the job done.

Powerful, Dependable Gasoline and Diesel Engines

The heart of every UTV is its engine. Kubota’s gasoline-powered UTVs offer a combination of speed and strength that make work fun, allowing drivers to haul heavy loads fast across even the harshest terrain. Kubota’s diesel-powered UTVs offer the power and torque you need for the heaviest loads and the steepest slopes.

Towing Abilities

Not all UTVs have towing capabilities, but each of Kubota’s RTV models do. Kubota’s full-size, diesel RTV-X offers 1,300 lbs. of towing capacity and 1,100 lbs. of cargo capacity, while the beastly, full-size, gasoline RTV-XG series offers up to 2,000 lbs. of towing capacity and 1,000 lbs. of cargo capacity.

Comfortable Seating

Kubota UTVs have comfortable operator areas and ergonomic seating, allowing you to focus on your work without distraction. From hydraulic power steering and a tilt-adjustable steering wheel to ample storage in the glove and under the seat, Kubota RTVs are built with your needs in mind.

Variable Hydraulic Transmissions for Diesel Engines

Some of Kubota’s diesel RTVs utilize variable hydraulic transmissions (VHT), which are typically found in tractors and offer immense power and torque. Kubota pioneered the use of VHTs in RTVs and has successfully integrated them into a complete package that delivers the performance you need, whether on the farm, ranch, or trail.

Independent Rear Suspension Technology

Kubota’s diesel RTVs include Extra Duty IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) technology, offering a smooth ride and plenty of traction across all four wheels. This is an update from previous models, which uses a fixed axle on the rear wheel.

Available in Full-size and Mid-Size

Kubota RTVs are available in full- and mid-sized options depending on your needs. Kubota’s mid-size RTVs punch well above their weight, with a compact design housing either a 14.6 HP, air-cooled, single cylinder gasoline engine or a 15.8-horsepower, 2-cylinder Kubota gasoline engine.

Quality-tested and Warranty

Every Kubota UTV comes with a limited warranty, while buyers have the option of purchasing extended coverage through the Orange Protection Program. Kubota’s extensive network of dealers makes it easy to keep your Kubota running if it faces any problems.

Considering a Kubota Utility Vehicle?

There’s no limit to what a utility vehicle can do, whether you’re hauling firewood, feed, brush, or just yourself. Kubota’s reputation for power and reliability makes it the right partner to have when you’re far from any roads and need to depend on your vehicle. Powersports is one of the leading ATV dealers in Wisconsin and can help you select the right Kubota RTV for your needs. Shop our Kubota UTV models to find the one that’s ideal for you!

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