How Much Snow Can a Snow Blower Handle?

Posted By: Mike Kunert
Post Date: 11/05/2019

As winter rapidly approaches, equipping yourself to handle the snow is essential. One of the most important tools for surviving the snow is a snowblower. While cost savings are alluring, not all snow blowers are created equal. While heavy-duty snow blowers may cost more, your situation might demand a more capable snowblower.

How Much Snow Can a Snow Blower Handle? 

There are two main types of snow blowers: single-stage and two-stage. Deciding which one is right for you is mostly determined by how much snow you need to handle.

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Single-Stage Units

A single-stage unit removes snow via a rotating auger that touches the ground, spins, and throws snow through a snow shoot.

Single-stage snow blowers are the least capable and barest bones type of unit this article covers. Single-stage units are usually equipped to handle between 8-12 inches of snow and should not be used on concrete or gravel surfaces. Furthermore, single-stage blowers offer very few features, which can dramatically worsen your snow removal experience.

Single-stage blowers are great for small areas that have a flat surface and receive less than 12 inches of snow. If you have to remove more than 12-inch-deep snow piles frequently, you should purchase a different unit type because a single-stage unit is not up to that task.

Two-Stage Units

A two-stage unit removes snow via a rotating auger coupled with an impeller that helps throw snow through a snow shoot. Two-stage units traditionally come with skid shoes that hoist the auger off the ground and allow the blower to be used on concrete and gravel surfaces. Additionally, two-stage units usually come with power-assisted wheels, which makes pushing the snowblower far easier.

Two-stage snow blowers are mid-range when it comes to their ability to handle large amounts of snow. Two-stage units are equipped to handle over 18 inches of snow, and if it has correctly set up skid shoes, it can be used on most surfaces. It is possible to find two-stage blowers that are equipped with a variety of features to improve your snow removal experience.

If you need to clear deep piles of snow in a large area, you need at least a two-stage blower. Two-stage blowers are capable of handling inclined surfaces far better than single-stage units. You can use a two-stage blower on most surfaces, and they are usually far more convenient than single-stage units.

Choosing the right snow blower for your situation is essential. Dealing with snow is a reality of winter, and snow blowers are one of the best ways to deal with snow. If you are dealing with small flat surfaces amenable to augers that touch the ground, then a single-stage snow blower may be right for you. On the other hand, if your snow tasks require a heavy-duty machine, you need a two-stage blower.

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