What is the Best Riding Lawn Mower?

Posted By: Mike Kunert
Post Date: 03/09/2020

There are tons of benefits to owning your own piece of property. It’s quiet, peaceful and you have your own beautiful green meadows to gaze upon. Mowing your lovely piece of heaven however, can be quite the chore. Well, lucky for you, today’s riding lawn mowers are efficient, simple to use and a whole lot of fun to ride around on.

What Is the Best Riding Lawn Mower?

riding lawn mower

There are a few great options when it comes to lawn mower manufacturers. Scag, Kubota and Simplicity come to mind immediately. Each line has a range of mowers that will fit your needs and your wallet.


This machine offers everything you would want in a heavy duty riding lawn mower. It features four wheel drive to help you through any rough spots you might encounter on your property. It also is capable of driving in both forward and reverse, making maneuvering this lawnmower a breeze. 

This model has a clean emissions diesel engine with a 16.1 gallon fuel tank. You’ll hardly ever have to stop and refill this tank, making mowing your grass less of a chore. 

This model also has a comfortable high back seat, a tilt steering wheel and a place for a toolbox under the seat. The armrests make for a very pleasant experience of taking care of your property.

2019 KUBOTA Z100 SERIES 42 IN. 726 CC

At a slightly lower price point, the Kubota z100 series offers all the durability of a much more expensive model. You’ll get all the same driver comfort, with the addition of ample leg room, as you would find in other Kubota models. This smaller model is ideal for trimming, edging, or grooming around your flowerbeds. It’s also perfect for hitting those tight squeezes in your landscaping.


Scag also has a reputation for building durable, reliable riding lawn equipment. The Cheetah line offers these details as well as boasting a speed of 16 mph. This 2019 model allows for adjustable cutting height, allowing you to customize the look of your property with ease. 

The Cheetah is a durable machine, with a frame made of heavy duty double tube steel, which will last a very long time on it’s wider mowing stance. It’s dual fuel tanks also allow you to cover a lot of area before having to refill.


If you are looking for power as well as precision, then you need to consider a zero turn mower. The Simplicity Courier allows you to make zero point turns so you can reach tough to maneuver areas of your yard. The Courier allows you to choose between 13 different cutting heights ensuring you’ll get the exact look you want in your yard. Even though the Courier is a small beast, it still offers a comfy ride.

If you are unsure of the best type of riding lawn mower for your mowing needs, be sure to speak with a trusted retailer. They can best help you decide what features will suit you best over the years. It’s important to look for cutting power, adjustability and operator comfort. Luckily, today’s lawn mower manufacturers offer an incredible amount of customization and durability in their riding lawn mower products.

Mike Kunert is the general manager of Powersports Company. He is very passionate about the powersports and outdoor equipment industry. He does everything from sales to service at the store. With 23+ years in the powersports/outdoor equipment industry and many OEM factory certifications, he has a lot of knowledge about the industry.


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