The 9 Best Tips for Scag Mower Maintenance

Posted By: Mike Kunert
Post Date: 06/15/2020

Keeping up on your Scag mower maintenance can be a full-time job in itself if you let a few things slip by. Clogged air filters, misaligned belts, insufficient lubrication, or even the wrong type of gasoline can cause major problems for you and your mower, but are easy to avoid with regular maintenance. Scag mowers are powerful, complex machines, but caring for one can be a simple process once you know what the maintenance requirements are. Find out what it will take to keep your machine in top working order.

Scag: A Trusted Industry Leader

Renowned for their long-lasting construction, durability, comfort, and performance, Scag mowers are made in the USA to meet the intense demands of heavy outdoor use. Scag transformed the industry with their user-friendly riding mowers, quality craft, and focus on design. Read on to learn what it will take to keep a Scag machine working properly if you’re thinking about buying one.

Scag Mower Maintenance Tips


Like any piece of sophisticated outdoor equipment, Scag mowers have lots of moving parts. If even one breaks down or malfunctions, your entire machine could be disabled or even damaged. This makes it important to stay on top of maintenance should you decide to purchase one. Check out these Scag mower maintenance tips to keep your machine in good working order!

Set a Schedule

You’ll need to commit to staying on top of routine maintenance for your mower to make sure you don’t miss anything. Prepare to handle any tasks that should happen after a certain amount of use or time. Keep track of how many hours you put on the machine to know when to complete a maintenance task.

Be Safe

Safety is paramount when handling any piece of machinery, and the first step of Scag mower maintenance is to turn off the machine, take out the key, and disconnect all power sources. Be sure to disconnect or remove the battery and spark plug wires. Let the motor cool before you begin working on it, otherwise it could burn you or ignite the fuel.

Conduct an Inspection

Before you begin working on maintaining your mower, conduct an inspection to make sure everything is in correct working order. Make sure the belts are secure and aligned and that the blades are neither bent nor broken. Conduct a final inspection once you’re finished with your maintenance to make sure nothing was damaged during maintenance.

Grease the Fittings

There are 20 parts on a Scag mower that need to be treated with their own type of lubricant. The Scag manual outlines which type of lubricant is needed on each part.

Check the Battery

Scag you should inspect the mower’s battery after every 40 hours of use or at least of once a week. In a well-ventilated area away from open flames, check the battery’s terminals for corrosion. Use water, baking soda, and steel wool to remove any build-up. Be careful to avoid mixing the solution with the battery’s fluid.

While wearing gloves and adequate eye protection, remove the battery cap to check the level of electrolytes in the battery. If necessary, use distilled water to raise the level of fluid to the bottom of the vent wells. Put the cap back on, secure the connectors, and apply a thin coat of silicone dielectric grease to them so they don’t corrode. Then turn the mower on to make sure the battery works.

Change the Oil

Every time you use a Scag mower, you should check the oil and fill it to the correct level if needed. Change the oil immediately if it’s contaminated with debris such as grass, dirt, or shards of metal. After every 100 hours of use, change the oil to protect your machine. 

Check the Air Filter

Before taking your Scag mower for a ride, check the air filter for any blockages and remove any you find with pressurized air. You should replace the filter once a year or even sooner if yours encounters major problems or when it is extremely dirty, just like with a car.

Break the Machine In

Scag mowers should be inspected after their first 10 hours of use to make sure everything is working correctly. Check your machine’s hoses, oil level, battery, belts, blades, and air filter for any problems.

Use the Correct Fuel

Choose the correct fuel for your mower and make sure the tank is full before each use. Scag mowers cannot use fuel with an ethanol content higher than 15% (E85), while some models can use biodiesel but others can’t.

Scag Lawn Mower Dealer & Repair

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