How Fast Can an ATV Go?

Posted By: Mike Kunert
Post Date: 03/31/2020

There comes a time for every ATV rider to ask that one question: “How fast can an ATV go?” Even though you won’t be riding at top speeds on a regular basis, it’s a question that is bound to come up. Whether you are wondering about your ATV’s top speed out of curiosity or you are trying to better understand the potential performance of your vehicle, it’s a worthy discussion that certainly deserves some exploration.

How Fast Can an ATV Go?


When discussing top speeds for an ATV, it all comes down to the engine size. Take a look at some of the different engine sizes and models that are available and the top speeds for each:

Engine size of 50cc (QuadSport Z Model) 

  • This engine will reach a maximum speed of 17 mph.

Engine size of 200cc (Phoenix Model) 

  • This engine will reach a maximum speed of 38 mph.

Engine size of 400cc (Sport Model) 

  • This engine will reach a maximum speed of 64 mph.

Engine size of 500cc (Scrambler Model)

  • This engine will reach a maximum speed of 63 mph.

Engine size of 650cc (Outlander) 

  • This engine will reach a maximum speed of 71 mph.

Engine size of 1000cc (Renegade Model) 

  • This engine will reach a maximum speed of 81 mph. 

There are other sizes in between the above-mentioned engines, but looking at this breakdown will give you an idea of how the size-range works in relation to top speeds. Top speeds will also vary depending on the manufacturer and model, but it’s good to know that these are the maximum speeds possible if you decide to push your ATV to the limit.

What Is the Fastest ATVs Top Speed?

If you take a look at some of the top speeds across some of the fastest ATV models, you will notice that it’s undoubtedly possible to push these up into the 60s, 70s, and even low 80s. If you are wondering about the ATV speed record, the Guinness book of World Records clocked a Yamaha 700 Raptor at 196 mph. Even though there’s no chance that you will be going that fast on your ATV, it’s pretty cool to know that somebody was able to pull off this amazing feat.

Keep in mind, ATVs are not necessarily designed for speed. An ATV is very powerful for many different uses at slower speeds. But that doesn’t mean speed is not an option. If you are looking to cross over 60 mph, you certainly have plenty of ATV models to choose from to achieve this goal.

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