Scag Mower Prices Guide for 2019: Best for the Money

Posted By: Mike Kunert
Post Date: 07/29/2019

Scag Power Equipment is a standard-setting brand for lawnmowers. If you're looking to purchase a quality mower, assessing the Scag's product line is a great place to start. 

Scag Mower Prices Guide for 2019

A new Scag mower will likely cost somewhere between $4400-$19,000. You might find other commercial mowers that cost a little more or a little less, but the Scag price range is a fair representation of industry standards. 

Every mower has relative advantages and disadvantages. The cost of buying the ideal mower for you depends upon what type of mower best fits your needs. While you may not know what kind of mower is perfect for your situation, looking at Scag's zero-turn line provides several fantastic options.

Scag Patriot Price

The Patriot is middle of the line in terms of price and ranges between $7000-$8000. The Patriot can achieve ground speeds of up to 10 mph moving forward and 5 mph in reverse. It has a straight belt driven cutter deck and a 6.5-gallon gas tank mounted above its wheels. Buyers in the market for a good all-around mower for general landscaping may want to look into one of these, but it doesn't have the specialized capabilities of other Scag models.

scag patriot

Scag Turf Tiger II Price

The Turf Tiger II is the priciest mower Scag offers, and models range in price from $13,000 to $19,000. It can achieve ground speeds of up to 12 mph moving forward and 5 mph in reverse. The Turf Tiger is the only Scag mower with a drive shaft driven cutter deck, and a 12-gallon gas tank is mounted in the center of the mower to provide improved hillside stability. This mower offers precision cuts across a wide range of terrain, but may be overpowered for smaller, flatter properties or light maintenance needs.

Scag Turf Tiger II

Scag Cheetah Price

The Cheetah is priced between $10,500-14,000, making it a mid-range option in terms of affordability within Scag’s line. A 61"/72" Cheetah can achieve ground speeds of up to 16 mph moving forward and 8 mph in reverse making it the fastest mower offered by Scag. The Cheetah has a straight belt driven cutter deck and a 10-gallon (48"/52" Cheetah) to 15-gallon (61"/72") gas tank mounted low on the mower to improve stability. This mower is ideal for owners who need to cover a lot of ground daily, but isn’t ideally suited for hilly terrain.

Scag Cheetah

Scag Liberty Z Price

The Liberty Z is the most affordable mower offered by Scag and are priced between $4,500-$5,000. The Liberty Z can achieve ground speeds of up to 7 mph moving forward and 5 mph in reverse. They have a straight belt driven cutter deck and a 3.5-gallon (36" models) to 5.5-gallon gas tank. This mower is ideal for residential use, but it’s not a commercial mower.

Scag Liberty Z

What's the Best Scag Mower for the Money?

Your needs largely determine which is the best Scag mower for your money. Those looking for a mower for their home or for light landscaping usage will have different priorities than someone who needs one for a ranch or golf course. If you are looking for a mower to tend to your home's lawn, then the Scag Liberty Z is the obvious choice. If you run a small landscaping company, then the Scag Patriot will probably satisfy your needs at a price that is hard to beat. 

If you're in the market for a top of the line, commercial mower, then deciding between the Cheetah and Turf Tiger II depends upon what you're planning to mow. If you want a speed-demon mower that can work its way through flat land quickly, then the Cheetah is well-suited for you. If you want an incredibly durable and versatile mower capable of handling tough sloping grades with ease, then the Turf Tiger is the way to go.

Choosing the right mower can take some time, but by considering the likely scenarios in which you would use one, you can find one with the capabilities that are best suited for your needs.

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