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Looking for the right Stihl chainsaw, blower, or boring drill for your outdoor project? As a Stihl dealer in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, we carry a wide variety of models. We'll find the one that fits your needs. Stihl is known for its legendary high-performance chainsaws. They are one of the top-selling chainsaw brands in the world. Whether you need to build up your firewood pile or cut wood for a fence, you need a chainsaw that can get the job done. Check out our in-stock Stihl equipment for sale. If we don't have the model you want in stock, request a model and we can order it for you. We also offer fantastic loan rates through our secure online financing! Get pre-qualified today and start enjoying your new Stihl purchase the same day!


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Backpack Sprayers

Battery Sprayer

Bed Redefiners - Professional Bed Redefiners

Blowers & Shredder Vacs - Battery Blowers

Blowers & Shredder Vacs - Battery Shredder Vacs

Blowers & Shredder Vacs - Electric Blowers

Blowers & Shredder Vacs - Homeowner Blowers

Blowers & Shredder Vacs - Professional Blowers

Blowers & Shredder Vacs - Shredder Vacs

Chainsaws - Battery Saws

Chainsaws - Electric Saws

Chainsaws - Farm & Ranch Saws

Chainsaws - Homeowner Saws

Chainsaws - In-Tree Saws

Chainsaws - Professional Saws

Chainsaws - Rescue Saws

Cut-off Machines - Battery Cut-off Machines

Cut-off Machines - Professional Cut-off Machines

Edgers - Battery Edgers

Edgers - Homeowner Edgers

Edgers - Professional Edgers

Gardening Tools - Battery Hand Tools

Handheld Sprayers

Hedge Trimmers - Battery Hedge Trimmers

Hedge Trimmers - Electric Hedge Trimmers

Hedge Trimmers - Homeowner Hedge Trimmers

Hedge Trimmers - Professional Hedge Trimmers

Multi-Task Tools - Battery KombiSystem

Multi-Task Tools - Homeowner KombiSystem

Multi-Task Tools - KombiSystem Attachments

Multi-Task Tools - Professional KombiSystem

Pole Pruners - Battery Pole Pruners

Pole Pruners - Homeowner Pole Pruners

Pole Pruners - Professional Pole Pruners

Trimmers & Brushcutters - Battery Trimmers

Trimmers & Brushcutters - Clearing Saws

Trimmers & Brushcutters - Electric Trimmers

Trimmers & Brushcutters - Homeowner Trimmers